Immigration to Grenada

The Caribbean passport attracts investors who prefer to get both freedom of travel and tax residence for a minimal investment. Grenada is not only an offshore country, but also a member of The British Commonwealth. Consequently, it is easier to immigrate to the United Kingdom with a Grenadian passport. Many applicants are also interested in the possibility of moving to the United States on an inexpensive and quick E-2 visa. The Grenada "golden passport", thanks to a bilateral agreement with America, gives this right. The minimum investment amount starts from $150,000. In exchange the foreigner gets the right to travel across the Schengen area, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom (not to mention the CARICOM countries).

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The state program "Citizenship by Investment" offers several options: investments in construction projects approved by the government or a contribution to the State Economic Development Fund. Investments in real estate can be returned in 5 years with a potential profit. Donations to the Treasury are non-refundable. Each investor chooses for himself and calculates the options. In the Caribbean, Grenada is the only country that allows you to obtain citizenship not only for spouses with children, but also for sisters, brothers, parents and grandparents. 

Immigration programs to Grenada

Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program
Terms of obtaining: 4 mo.
Expenses from 150 000 $

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