Montenegro Residence Permit by Property Purchase

Warm sunny Montenegro is a favorite vacation spot for citizens of many countries. Those who want to stay in the country for a long time may obtain a local residence permit. It is enough to buy real estate in the country to do so. Whether it will be a home for your vacation or an investment object - it's up to you. But consider two things. First, your status is maintained only as long as the property remains in your possession. And second: the residence permit is designed for those who plan to live in Montenegro permanently, the status does not give special advantages for traveling around Europe.

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Program's details

Real estate of any price makes you eligible for obtaining a residence permit
Residential or commercial real estate no restrictions for buyers
There are no non-refundable payments
2-3 months fast time for obtaining the status
Residence permit for 1 year with the possibility of renewal
For the family spouses and children under 18
Without the right to work in Montenegro
Does not lead to further citizenship

About the Program

Amendments to the "Law on Foreign Citizens" came into effect in 2015. It arranges issuing a residence permit to foreigners when buying real estate in Montenegro on very democratic terms. The value of the property is not negotiated, it can be a residential or commercial property object (hotel, office, restaurant).

The right to obtain a residence permit arises after the transfer of the property object into the ownership of a foreigner and is lost at the time of sale. It is assumed that the holder of this status will live in Montenegro permanently. If he needs to come only for a short period - up to 90 days in half a year - he can do it with a tourist visa or even just a passport. Montenegro is not included in the Schengen zone, therefore, its residence permit does not give significant advantages for traveling around Europe.

In addition, this type of residence permit is nonimmigrant, i.e. the owner of real estate will not receive the right to obtain a permanent residence permit or citizenship after several years of residence. If you wish to get a passport, then it is better to register your residence on some other grounds (for example, establishing a company or employment) or participate in an investment program, which allows you to obtain citizenship in 3-6 months.

Residence permit for purchasing real estate also does not give the right to work in Montenegro. In fact, this is just a long-term visa that allows you to stay in the country all year round. The status is good for freelancers, wealthy retirees, or for mothers with children who want to live in a sunny climate while the head of the family earns money somewhere else.

Conditions for issuing a residence permit

from €30 000

Real Estate Ownership

Amendments to the Law on Foreign CitizensYou may purchase one or several real estate objects in Montenegro in order to obtain a residence permit (apartments, villas, commercial premises; the exception is an undeveloped plot, you can apply for a residence permit only after building  a house and entering it into the cadastre). An important condition is that the object should not have any encumbrances (mortgage, lack of a building permit, legal action, tax debts).

The value of property is not regulated by the law. Please bear in mind that  housing prices on the coast of Montenegro start at €30,000. It is allowed to rent out the purchased property.

from €3 650 per year

Confirmed Income

An applicant for a residence permit should prove income for each family member at the rate of € 10 per day for a year of residence, i.e. from € 3650. As a rule, this amount is deposited into a bank account. After obtaining a residence permit, the money can be withdrawn and spent. You should replenish the account again before renewing the status.

Residence permit for family members

Who may get the residence permit together with the investor:

  • The spouse and minor children receive the right to obtain a residence permit together with the main applicant. However, it is possible to start processing the documents only after the main owner has received the residence permit.
  • You can also apply for a residence permit for other relatives: the applicant should register joint ownership of the specified property with them for this purpose.

Requirements for the applicants

  • Purchasing a residential or commercial real estate object without encumbrances.
  • Availability of sufficient funds  on the account for the living of each family member at the rate of € 10 per day.
  • No conflicts with the law at home, in Montenegro and other countries.
  • Medical insurance.


  • Personal application to the Ministry of the Interior.
  • A copy of the title certificate, which must be issued no more than 6 months before the submission of documents.
  • Confirmation of registration in the country. Issued by the tourist organization of Montenegro within 24 hours upon arrival.
  • International medical insurance valid for at least a month.
  • Confirmation of the availability of the sufficient funds in the account.
  • International passport valid for at least 1 year.
  • Certificate of no criminal record from the place of permanent residence (suspended sentences are not taken into account) with translation into Montenegrin. The certificate should be issued no more than 6 months before the submission of documents.
  • Receipt for payment of fees. Their total amount is € 25. They are transferred to three different accounts at any bank or post office in Montenegro. The account numbers will be provided to the applicant when filing documents.
  • When applying for residence permits for  family members: marriage certificate, birth certificates of children.

Additional Expences

Real estate purchase expenses

3-5% of the property value. 

Legal support


Depending on the tariffs of the company and the number of people in the application. This amount includes preparation and translation of the documents.

Other expenses

Charges and duties: €25 per person

Medical insurance: €20-60 per person

Rights and Obligations

The holder of the residence permit for purchasing real estate receives the right to:

  • Permanently reside on the territory of Montenegro (in total, from 9 months during the year).
  • Register vehicles in the holder’s name (not only cars, but, for example, boats).
  • Send children to  kindergartens and schools for free.
  • Use the services of banks in Montenegro. An account can be opened without a residence permit, but there may be more favorable credit terms for the residents.
  • Obtain visas for traveling around  Europe on an expedited basis through the embassies and consulates in Montenegro. The Montenegrin residence permit does not open visa-free access to the EU by itself.
  • Since the holder of a residence permit resides in the country for more than six months, he becomes a tax resident and pays taxes there.

The holder of this residence permit may not:

  • Work on the territory of Montenegro, including employment in your own company, but you may rent out real estate and receive passive income.
  • Obtain a permanent residence permit or citizenship on the basis of this type of residence permit. In order to do so, you may change the status, for example, issue a residence permit on the basis of doing business.

The procedure for obtaining

Contacting a consultant
1-2 days
The consultant will help you to collect and prepare the documents and also will suggest the contractors in Montenegro.
Purchasing real estate
2-3 months
The purchase can be executed remotely. The proof of ownership will be the entry in the land register.
Submission of the application
1,5 months
The entire package of documents should be brought to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro in person. The review can take up to 40 days.
Obtaining the residence permit
1 day
Issuing a card.

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