Island in Tahaa, French Polynesia, 7.12 hectares

6 176 653 €


Sale price 6 176 653 €
Site plot 7.12 hectares
for residential development
Address French Polynesia, Tahaa
Business expenses
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Picturesque 7.12 Hectare Private Island

A paradise which sets itself apart from other paradises. This completely private island allows those that are lucky enough to plant their feet here, to fully bask in the wonders of a life in the tropics. A landscape unlike any other that would otherwise only find itself on a postcard.

On the eastern facing side of the island is the Pacific ocean, on the western side the lagoon. This paradise offers something for every guest or traveler at any time of the day: sun bathing, snorkeling, white sand beaches, turquoise water, colourful fish, deep sea fishing, and of course coconut trees to hang a hammock between or simply have a nap in the shade under a tree.

A Little About Taha'a

Taha'a is known for its deep bays, sheltered from the wind, its many motu (islets) and its lagoon. It is the only island in the archipelago that you can circumnavigate, by yacht, inside the lagoon.

Taha'a is just a few minutes’ boat-ride from the airport in Raiatea, the sister islands share the same lagoon. Sailing around the island of Taha'a can be done with ease, thanks to the good conditions and smooth water tinted with shades of turquoise. The eleven passes into the immense lagoon create giant aquariums, ideal for scuba-diving enthusiasts. The crystal-clear waters are also appreciated by pearl farmers, some of the pearl farms can even be visited.

Mountain-side, Taha'a offers grandiose panoramas, it resembles a colourful tropical garden, perfumed by its rare and much sought after spice: Tahitian vanilla. Taha'a produces 80% of Polynesia’s outstanding vanilla. A private tour of the islands’ interior gives you an insight and appreciation into all the stages of its production.

Getting to the Island

The island is located only 2 minutes from the popular central island hub of Tahaa and 20 minutes from the second busiest island in French Polynesia. The nearest domestic airport is located in Uturoa, on the island of Raiatea. From there, the international airport in Papeete is 220 kilometres away where flights from all continents come and go on a daily basis. Access to this island is almost effortless when it comes to private islands.
The nearest shop in Patio is located at a distance of 5 kilometres away by boat, where groceries and other supplies can be purchased at any time.

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