212 568 €

Hotel Grenada, Grenada, 30 sq.m
  • Hotel Grenada, Grenada, 30 sq.m - picture 1
  • Hotel Grenada, Grenada, 30 sq.m - picture 1
  • Hotel Grenada, Grenada, 30 sq.m - picture 2
  • Property ID on Prian.info: 3334040
    Last update: 06.10.2022
    Number of views: 1780

212 568 €

Hotel Grenada, Grenada, 30 sq.m

30 sq.m

  • Property ID on Prian.info: 3334040
    Last update: 06.10.2022
    Number of views: 1780


Sale price 212 568 €
Price per square meter 7 085.58 €
Floor area 30 sq.m
Address Grenada, Grenada, Grenada
Location at the seaside

Additional services

  • Citizenship upon purchase


Business expenses
Not included in the price


Acquisition of a share of the complex for obtaining the Citizenship of Grenada


Grenada, or as it is often called "the island of spices", is one of the last remaining intact islands in the Caribbean. Safely located outside the hurricane belt in the southeastern Caribbean, this paradise is home to an idyllic environment with some of the world's most beautiful white sand beaches, lush tropical vegetation and unique diving sites to name just a few. its many distinctive characteristics.
Grenada has more to offer than just breathtaking landscapes.
As a member of the Commonwealth and the United Nations, the island has a thriving economy, thriving tourism and low crime rates.

One of the best citizenship by investment programs in the world, making Grenada a very attractive destination.


Located just a few steps from the unspoiled Morne Rouge bay.
and the world famous Grand Anse within walking distance,
The apartments boast bespoke Italian furnishings, an inaccessible location and breathtaking views. Mariposa Condominiums, comprised of twenty-one exquisite apartments ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments, is a great opportunity for anyone looking to invest in a financially sustainable Citizenship by Investment project.
All apartments are sold on a non-ownership condominium basis with a minimum investment of US $ 350,000.
Mariposa Condominiums 'parent company, Event Enterprises, has been active in Grenada since 1984, ensuring that our clients' needs are met with the right expertise.


Mariposa was originally developed in eleven units in 2012, becoming the first fully completed CBI project in Grenada. Ten more units were commissioned in 2017 and were fully completed in July 2019. More than 80% of the original units have been sold to date, resulting in over thirty passports granted to investors and their families.
We understand that managing overseas property can be challenging. That's why we offer a full range of management services so you can count your investment on autopilot. All apartments have consistently demonstrated excellent results since their completion in 2012, with an average occupancy rate for each block
10 months a year.

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