European Parliament Has Banned the Sale or Rental of Housing Without the Modernization of the Energy Supply

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The president of the All-Greek Federation of Property Owners (POMIDA) as well as the International Union of Property Owners (UIPI) Stratos Paradias believes this will lead to a housing Armageddon.

All real estate in the EU, available for sale or rental, must bear mandatory costs for the energy supply modernization, starting in 2030. The relevant bill was adopted by the European Parliament.

Details. It will be followed by negotiations with the European Council to clarify the relevant measures and begin the period of their adoption by member states. 

Owners wishing to transfer or lease their property will have to take care of its modernization in advance in terms of providing the house with energy. In the case of housing, this will begin to apply in 2030. 

This obligation will only apply to facilities that belong to the two lowest categories of the energy certificate and are either sold or leased (with new lease agreements). 

Example. An apartment in the center of Athens, which currently has an energy certificate of category G, must undergo energy efficiency work at €15,000-20,000 to insulate it and increase its energy efficiency during the required two categories, moving into category E. However, from 2033, the minimum will be set at a higher category D.

Reaction. The president of the All-Greek Federation of Property Owners (POMIDA), as well as the International Union of Property Owners (UIPI) Stratos Paradias speaks of "Armageddon", which will bring great shocks to the real estate market.

Quote. "The EU is currently adopting completely irrational norms that no owner in any European country can support. They don't care whether Greek families have money to carry out energy modernization measures, whether there is a possibility of support from the banking system, whether there will be tax benefits for those who do it, and so on," he said.

Source: Ekathimerini
Photo by Bill Mead on Unsplash

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