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Markets and prices

8 Universal Laws of Luxury Real Estate

  • 16
You can often hear that the luxury real estate sector is special, that it does not follow general...

Cities with the Most Overheated Realty Markets

  • 13
Swiss financial holding UBS has presented an annual rating of cities with the most overvalued...

How to Take an Italian Apartment on Credit Without a Bank

  • 12
A foreigner who cannot or does not want to take out a loan for an apartment in Italy, but wants...

Real Estate News Digest: Europe Struggles, Grenada Wins

  • 12
Growing rental prices in Berlin, the cheapest places for rent in Britain, growing real estate...

Cities and Villages in Spain, Where You Will Be Paid for Staying

  • 15
Did you know that you can get paid for living in a certain city or village? And this is reality...

A Matter of Opinion. A Huge Demand for Country Houses in Germany: for How Long?

  • 6
A remote working format and a picturesque view from the window of a private house is a great idea...

Where to Find property for Less than €1,000 per sq.m in Italy?

  • 7
The South of the country is leading ratings, but the lowest prices have been found in the North.

Investment Ideas: Real Estate in Cyprus Brings 5-6 Times More than Bank Deposits

  • 10
The main question for an investor is where to invest their savings. In many countries a bank...
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