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France may introduce VAT on short-term rentals

Currently, Airbnb collects tourist tax predetermined by regions (usually 10%) and additional...

  • 29.11.2023
  • 5

Experts: German home prices to plunge further

This is mainly happening due to the high interest rates that influence the demand.

  • 28.11.2023
  • 10

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Spain has lost a third of rental housing stock in six months

Real estate agencies are warning that the country's lack of affordable housing is creating a...

  • 27.10.2023
  • 8

Rental rates in the UK are predicted to rise faster than house prices

The rents will cost 25% higher than house prices due to higher interest rates.

  • 15.09.2023
  • 3

Rental rates for student accommodation in Greece are soaring

The sharp increase in rents has extended to the countryside

  • 14.09.2023
  • 4

The rental prices for luxury housing in some districts of Istanbul are growing out of control

It is getting increasingly difficult to find affordable housing for people with low and medium...

  • 23.08.2023
  • 8
  • 15.08.2023
  • 4

Parisians long to earn on short-term rentals during the Olympics

Many residents of the French capital are planning to move into their country houses, leaving...

  • 07.08.2023
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