Hourly wages in the EU increased by 4.4% in 2022

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Hourly salaries in 2022 increased the most in Lithuania, Estonia and Croatia.

What has happened? According to Eurostat, in 2022 the average hourly wages and salaries in the EU were estimated to be € 22.9. Compared to 2021, they increased by 4.4%.

Rating. In the euro area, hourly wages and salaries rose among all members. They increased the least in Italy, Malta and Finland (+2.3% each) and the most in Lithuania (+13.4%), Estonia (+8.8%) and Croatia (+8.7%).

For EU countries outside the euro area, the hourly wages and salaries expressed in local currency also increased in all countries. They increased the least in Denmark (+2.2%) and Sweden (+3.0%) and the most in Hungary (+16.4%), Bulgaria (+15.5%), Romania (+12.3%) and Poland (+11.7%). 

Источник: Eurostat

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