I Want to Live By the Sea or Why Foreigners Move to Montenegro

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Location. Simply Convenient

Montenegro is a very well-located country, which makes it attractive for expats. You can come here from almost anywhere in Europe in just a couple of hours.

And from Montenegro, you can easily explore Europe. Serbia is 200 kilometers in one direction, Croatia is in the other, Italy is one night away by ferry. You can travel by planes, cars, buses, yachts…

The Breathtaking Beauty of Nature

Nature in Montenegro is not just beautiful. It takes your breath away! Anyone who has been to the Bay of Kotor will agree with this. The towering, almost sheer cliffs, the shining expanse of the sea, and the terracotta roofs of ancient cities are a place of fabulous beauty.

Bay of Kotor

Wonderful and warm Skadar Lake (in summer the water temperature warms up to +27C), where you can observe pelicans in a natural environment; Durmitor National Park with well-equipped trails for walking; relic forests of Biograd Mountain; the Tara river gorge, which impresses no less than the American Grand Canyon; numerous picturesque bays that you can reach by yacht; ancient monasteries, fortresses, citadels ... You will always find something to see and somewhere to walk.

Montenegrin Nature Montenegrin Nature

Montenegro has three climatic zones. A typical Mediterranean climate n the coast, continental, climate in the center of the country, and subalpine with cold winters and heavy snowfalls in the mountains.

And at the same time, Montenegro is small: it will take three to four hours to cross it from south to north,  even faster by helicopter. So, you can ski here in Kolasin in the morning, and meet the sunset on a yacht in the Bay of Kotor. This idea once inspired an Egyptian entrepreneur so much that he decided to build a new city in Montenegro. What came out of it – read here.

Perhaps The Best Yachting on the Adriatic

Locals have always been considered good navigators. 

In recent years, the Balkan country has gained another important advantage such as infrastructure. First-class marinas with full service have been built here: gas stations, water and electricity supply, repair and cleaning, assistance in paperwork… And all these services are superior to their French or Italian counterparts in terms of price and quality.

Montenegrin Marinas

In Montenegro, you can dock on your yacht, go through passport control and stay in the country for as long as you want to. Interestingly, the local legislation even has a special residence permit for yachtsmen! Another common option is to rent a ship. There will be no problems with the choice.

The training stations of many yacht schools are based here as well because the water area is convenient for beginners. It does not have strong streams, and there are a lot of attractions to see in the vicinity. Many foreigners come to Montenegro specifically to obtain international rights to operate a yacht.

Montenegrin Marinas Montenegrin Marinas
No Visas For You and Your Visitors

Visa-free travel is a wonderful thing. And not only for tourists. Expats who settled in Montenegro also appreciated its advantages, because it is much more convenient to stay in touch with loved ones. Grandmothers will not have to collect documents and apply to the consulate to see grandchildren: just take a plane ticket and fly.

Residence permit? Easy-peasy!

Montenegro is becoming more and more international every year. One of the reasons why foreigners choose Montenegro is simply to legalize here, that is, to obtain a residence permit for the whole family.

For example, the acquisition of any real estate gives the right to request a residence permit. There are no restrictions on prices, location, or type of object, you can buy what suits your family and stay in Montenegro as long as you want.

Luštica Bay

Another popular option, especially among IT specialists and other digital nomads, is starting a business. You register a company in Montenegro and work from here with clients from all over the world. You can also focus on the local market, but it is worth remembering that it is very small.

A company registered in Montenegro gives its foreign employee (usually the founder appoints as a director) and close relatives the right to a residence permit. Most often, foreigners create a Montenegrin analog of LLC - D.O.O. The authorized capital of the company can start from €1. The terms of registration of a legal entity are 10-15 days. In the future, there are no requirements for hiring local residents to work, you can not be active at all, just submit accounting reports and pay minimal taxes.

Speaking of taxes. In Montenegro, the corporate tax rate is 9%. This is the lowest rate in Europe! Even in Cyprus, which has gained fame as a profitable jurisdiction for doing business, they pay more (12.5%). Capital gains tax, dividends, personal income, purchase, and inheritance of real estate... Montenegrin taxes will be lower than the average European ones.

Price Do Not Hurt Your Wallet

Montenegro is not an expensive country. Groceries in stores, lunches in restaurants, transport, entertainment, and all kinds of services cost significantly cheaper than in most European countries. In the cost of living rating from Numbeo, it is in 30th place in Europe, between Poland and Bulgaria. Even luxury apartments in Montenegro are not as expensive as one might think.

See what you can buy in the youngest resort of Montenegro:

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Big Community for Everyone

Expats in any country tend to stick together to spend time, help each other, communicate. In Montenegro, even developers help immigrants expand their circle of acquaintances and adapt to a new environment. Just look at the list of events for the residents of Luštica Bay, something interesting happens here every day.

A Place to Enjoy

Foreigners who stay in Montenegro for a long time admire how calm it is here. It seems that the whole country adheres to the philosophy of slow life nobody's in a hurry,  everyone lives consciously, enjoying the present.

Immigrants from megacities are not comfortable at first: they have to force themselves to slow down. But after a while, people are surprised and delighted to discover the many advantages of living without haste.

It is not so difficult to feel the rhythm of Montenegro. There is no crime here at all, people often don't even lock their cars. There is no fuss, traffic jams, nervousness in queues. Everything you need for life is nearby, and it is simple, friendly, eco-friendly. And of course, the sea is the main antidepressant. It's easy to love life while sipping coffee in a coastal restaurant and watching the sun slowly disappear behind the horizon.


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Apartments in the new resort town of Luštica Bay

October 2021 – March 2022

Monthly residence
Grand Superior Room €1500 (€1800 breakfast included)
Grand Deluxe Room €2000 (€2300 breakfast included)

For you

  • Fully equipped mini-kitchen (with an electric hob, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, and household appliances)
  • Cleaning twice a day
  • Free Wi-Fi and parking
  • Free use of indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, steam bath, and gym
  • 20% discount on Asian-style spa treatments
  • 10% discount on food, drinks, and laundry services