New Opportunities of the American Real Estate Market

On November 3, 2020, the United States held presidential elections. According to the results, Donald Trump will leave his post, and the new President Joe Biden will take office in the White House on January 20, 2021. He has already begun appointments to key posts so that the new Cabinet can start working in January. How will the change of the head of state affect the real estate market? And what does the congressional election have to do with it? We are working with an expert from the American company OPISAS.

How the American President Affects the Economy

The President has the ability to significantly influence the market, both positively and negatively, but the results of his activities are usually manifested only indirectly. The fact is that the us Congress is directly responsible for drafting laws regulating economic processes.

However, there are ways in which the President can directly determine the US economy and the state of its individual sectors. The main area of its responsibility is the implementation of laws and control of their application, as well as international negotiations. Here, he can control the situation by selecting candidates for positions such as Secretary of State or Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, which seriously affects the development of the economy and international relations.

The Change in the Balance of Power

Now the real estate market in the United States has stabilized. The main reasons are the early start of the Covid-19 vaccine and the results of the past elections. 306 electors gave the victory to the democratic candidate, while the Senate is likely to remain in the hands of Republicans. Thus, the results that real estate professionals hoped for will be achieved.

Maintaining a balance between Democrats and Republicans in American government allows you to avoid serious shocks in economic policy, since with such a structure, political maneuvers will be more balanced. And this, in turn, contributes to strengthening stability. All this together creates an extremely favorable situation for medium-term dollar investments, including investments in real estate in the United States.

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Consequences for the American Real Estate Market

Potentially, the financial possibilities of the American middle class will get higher, which in turn will mean an increase in funds on accounts of typical tenants. As a rule, because of their studies and work, Americans move several times during their adult life, so they prefer to rent rather than buy housing. Consequently, creating new jobs and increasing the financial capacity of the average resident of the country will help ensure even greater rental stability and continuity of income from real estate investments in the United States.

The flow of funds into the pockets of Americans will contribute to economic stability and increase the popularity of buying a first home. Thus, it is possible to predict an increase in demand, which will lead to an increase in the American real estate market as a whole.

Why Invest in the US Real Estate

Investing in real estate has always been considered one of the best options for investing savings, however, over time you need to review the market sectors and check their effectiveness.

The United States is one of the most stable economies in the world and an excellent market for investment thanks to a legally regulated rental system. In particular, the law provides for the eviction of defaulters in case of debt exceeding an average of 34 days. That is, the situation when someone lives in your property for months and does not pay is practically excluded.

However, for effective management, it is necessary to know, for example, all the features of the area and the real estate located in it, and this requires a lot of time. Therefore, it is often more profitable to use the services of a specialized company, such as OPISAS, to reduce management costs and investment risks. Our experts find the best options for investment, assessing the prospects for the development of the area and profitability from the first day of renting. The company offers comprehensive management services, due to which the owner is spared the need to worry about every little thing.

Examples of profitable real estate in the US:

What Investments Will Provide a Stable Income

The combination of Biden's generally moderate domestic policies with support for the middle class should give a boost to both rental income and demand for home purchases, and thus the entire American real estate market.

Moreover, since the financing of new policy measures is supposed to be at the expense of domestic debt, there will be a certain weakness of the dollar against other currencies, primarily euro. Thanks to the favorable exchange rate, an interesting window of opportunity for investing in dollars opens up.

In light of these developments, investing in the U.S. real estate market can be a great opportunity to save money, diversify your portfolio, and increase your income.

OPISAS gives you the opportunity to make high-yield, simple and safe real estate investments in the best locations in the United States. We recommend investing in the mid-price residential real estate market that is already leased to the American middle class.

Promising destinations for investors:
  • One of the biggest cities in Florida
  • One of the most populated cities in the US
  • Several head offices of companies from the Fortune 1000 list
  • MacDill Air Force Base is located here with 15,000 military and civilian personnel
  • Stable economy supported by 70 million tourists per year
  • Huge theme parks like SeaWorld Orlando and Disney World
  • Has 4 most popular waterparks in the US
  • The biggest international airport in Florida
  • The biggest real estate revenue in the US (according to RealtyTrac)
  • 4th most promising center for the development of new technologies (according to Forbes)
  • 2nd port in the Mid-Atlantic
  • 24 million tourists per year

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