Sri Lanka has introduced visas for digital nomads

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The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the corresponding program.

What has happened? The Cabinet of Ministers of Sri Lanka has approved the visa for digital nomads. This visa will be issued for one year with the right to extend the duration of stay.

Requirements for the applicants:

  • Valid Passport – Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months
  • Confirmation of remote work – You should work remotely as an employee, business owner, or freelancer earning income from abroad
  • The minimum income requirement is US$2,000. You should deposit this minimum amount into a Sri Lankan bank account
  • Visa cost – US $500. This will also cover the visas of a spouse and dependents
  • International Health Insurance – You should have international health insurance with coverage in Sri Lanka for the duration of your stay 

Source: Freelance Informer

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Sri Lanka has introduced visas for digital nomads

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the corresponding program.

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