The European hotel sector has fully recovered from the pandemic. However, there are nuances

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Eurostat has named the most successful countries in this regard.

What has happened? Eurostat had estimated that in 2022 there were a total of 28.9 million bed places available in the EU in more than 620,000 tourist accommodation facilities (hotels and inns, campsites, trailer parks).

Dynamics. The data showed a full recovery in tourist accommodation supply in 2022. Compared to 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began, the number of beds increased by 3% (+765,900), and hotels and inns - by 4% (+24,400), and compared to 2019, the number of beds increased (+1%; +150,400) and hotels (+1%; +3,600) increased.

The rating of countries. Italy and France accounted for just over a third of total supply in the hotel sector, with 5.2 million and almost 5.1 million bed places respectively. Spain and Germany followed with 3.8 million (13% of the total) and 3.6 million (12%) bed places.


Overnight stays. In 2022, the EU recorded a total of almost 2.8 billion nights spent in EU tourist accommodations, of which almost 1.6 billion were spent by domestic tourists and 1.2 billion by international visitors.

Data for 2022 show that tourists coming from other EU countries accounted for  65% of the 1.2 billion nights spent by foreign visitors. This proportion was significant, but still lower than in 2021, when 75% of guests were from other EU countries (this was a response to the pandemic).

Nights spent by tourists from other European countries represented 22% of the total, indicating a large increase from the previous year (+5.3 percentage points). 

In 2022, 6% of the international nights in EU accommodations were spent by tourists from North America (+2.4 pp than in 2021), while guests from Asia represented 4% (+1 pp), Central and South America 2% (+0.8 pp), Africa almost 1% (no change) and Oceania 0.5% (+0.3 pp). 


Source: Eurostat

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