Time for Wintering. Find a Perfect Villa in Bali

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The time is coming when there will be slush and mud on the streets, and the cities will be at the mercy of chilly winds. However, the good news is since the beginning of the pandemic, many have remained on the remote mode, which means that the option of wintering abroad has become more accessible. And Indonesia has simplified the conditions of entry for foreigners…

How to get to Bali today

In 2019, before the pandemic, the most popular Bali resort was visited by more than 6 million foreign tourists. But, faced with one of the strongest Covid-19 outbreaks in Asia, the country closed its borders.

In July 2021, the island was supposed to be opened, but the increase in morbidity again postponed these plans. And now, after a year and a half of complete isolation, Indonesia has announced its opening since October 2021. On October 14, the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali is to receive the first guests.1

However, the authorities are in no hurry to let everyone in: first come the citizens of the "green" countries only (South Korea, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, and soon, possibly, Australia), as well as foreigners who hold diplomatic and work visas.

Also, according to the decree of the Minister of Justice of September 152, the list of persons who are allowed to enter Indonesia also includes holders of guest visas (in this category there are electronic business visas 211) and visas with a limited period of stay VITAS.

Thus, travelers with any of the listed documents are allowed to visit the country:

  • business visa (Visa diners);
  • diplomatic visa (Visa diplomatic);
  • guest visa (Visa kunjungan);
  • visa with a limited stay (VITAS - Visa tinggal terbatas);
  • official residence permit (Izin Tinggal dinas);
  • diplomatic residence permit (Izin Tinggal diplomatic);
  • limited stay permit (Izin Tinggal terbatas or ITAS/KITAS);
  • permanent stay permit (Izin Tinggal tetap or ITAP/KITAP).

Citizens of the listed categories must be vaccinated and ready to undergo an eight-day quarantine. It is also mandatory to have a certificate of a negative result of a PCR test, insurance covering Covid-19 treatment, or a letter of readiness to pay for it.

For mass tourism, in particular from Russia, Bali will be opened no earlier than December 2021. This is the opinion3 of the 3rd Vice-president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry, Yuri Barzykin.

And what about real estate in Bali?

Tourism is one of the most affected industries worldwide by the pandemic. Bali is no exception. Following the decline in the hospitality industry, problems began in the real estate market. Especially in the rental sector.

So, if earlier a typical Balinese villa with a spacious terrace, a private pool and three bedrooms in the center of the island cost $100 per night, now it can be rented for $400 per month. At the same time, the owners still need to try to find tenants. After all, many expats (100,000 people), who were the main players in the rental market, fled the island at the beginning of the pandemic.

But serious discounts, such as 85%, are not the limit of loyalty. Some homeowners charge tenants a nominal fee only to cover bills. Others even offer their objects for free4 (though only to acquaintances).

However, what became a problem for the owners of the villas turned out to be an opportunity for the tenants. Foreigners who decide to spend the coming winter in Indonesia will be able to confidently bargain due to wide range of options.

The main problem for villa owners today is finding a tenant

In the real estate purchase and sale sector, not everything is so clear. Of course, no one gives away houses for free. Moreover, even the prices stated in the ads are kept at the level of 2019. However, realtors working in Bali claim5 that real transactions take place with discounts of 30% and even 50%. Surely the size of the discount depends on the situation of a particular owner and for how much he wants to sell the villa right now.

Real estate transactions have not stopped, buyers of premium villas are especially active. According to the Horwath HTL6 report for March 2021, 44% of house sales in Bali now account for objects worth from $450,000. But economy class up to $250,000 occupies only 14% of the market.

The key buyers are locals, residents of the megacities of Jakarta and Surabaya, who, after numerous lockdowns, decided to purchase a holiday home. Foreigners who are already in Indonesia are also active.

Forecasts are different. Someone expects that the market is in hibernation and will recover by the end of the year. Others argue that it is "unlikely to return to doc-like indicators in the next few years." Adherents of this theory are sure that strengthening should be expected only after the widespread distribution of the vaccine, which will happen within three years. The second scenario may lead to a wave of "panic sales".

There are also favorable factors. Bali may turn out to be a preferred destination for digital nomads, whose rental demand will push the local real estate market to recovery. Moreover, in 2021 the island entered the top 10 best places for remote workers.

And the next section is just for those who see this potential.

What and at what price can you buy in Bali now

Below are the top 5 beautiful villas in Bali (to our subjective taste) that are in the database Prian for now. From budget to luxury offers!

The 250 sq.m designer villa

In our current rating, this is the most affordable villa for just €168,300. It is interesting not only because of location (500 m to the pristine beach for Kedugu surfers in Tabanan), but also for its eco-friendly concept. A mansion built from containers and recycled materials! But it does not it spoil the appearance at all, does it?

The villa under construction with an area of 230 sq.m with its own plot in Ubud

Moving on (in the price too - €250,000). You see a villa in the spiritual center of the island Ubud. It is here that 90% of all retreats are held, and most of the sights and temples are concentrated. It is important to note that the facility is still under construction, but the result, judging by the project, will be very impressive.

Furnished designer villa for life and investment

This villa is located in the traditional Balinese village of Seseh. The decoration is typically Indonesian: teak wood trim, bright colors, a 23-meter swimming pool bordered by palm trees, spacious bedrooms, a tropical garden and the sound of the ocean, which is 50 meters from the house! For this bohemian mansion they ask for €500,000.

The premium project a few steps away from the Indian Ocean

It's hard to believe, but the photo shows only the project, which will be ready this year. The plan includes three bedrooms, a kitchen combined with a living room, a swimming pool, a bathroom and even a parking space. And the ocean is just a few steps away. For this, the future owner will have to pay €900,000.

The luxury villa in an exclusive gated complex on the top of a cliff

We complete the selection with the most luxurious, truly huge villa. The house covers an area of 1200 sq.m, located in a gated residence near Padang Padang beach. It costs a lot (almost €4 million). But there is a place to roam: four bedrooms with ocean views, a gym, a sauna, a spa, a home theater, an elevator (yes!), a private pool and ... 26 ha of forest bordered by the villa.

Sources: 1 – Interfax, 2 – Baliforum, 3 – Newdaynews, 4 – Nikkei Asia, 5 – Exotiq Property, 6 – Horwath HTL

Quoting conditions of Prian materials

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