European Countries With the Highest Level of Life Expectancy

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The French island of Corsica is in the lead. And several regions of Bulgaria turned out to be outsiders.

According to Eurostat, in 2020, life expectancy at birth in the EU was 80.4 years. This indicator was 5.7 years higher in women (83.2) than in men (77.5). Compared to 2019, life expectancy decreased by 0.9 years due to the sudden increase in mortality due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rating. In 2020, the EU regions with the highest life expectancy were France, Spain, Italy, and Greece. The EU region with the highest life expectancy at birth was the French island of Corsica (84.0 years), followed by the Balearic Islands in Spain (83.9) and the Epirus region in Greece (83.8).

On the other hand, all EU regions with the lowest life expectancy at birth were Bulgaria: Northwestern (72.1), North-Central (72.8), and Northern and Southeastern Bulgaria (72.9).

Women. The French island of Corsica has the highest life expectancy for women (87.0 years), followed by the Spanish region of Galicia (86.7). The same life expectancy of women was recorded in two French locations (the Loire and the South-Pyrenees), in the Aland Islands in Finland and the Epirus region in Greece - 86.4 years.

Men. The highest levels of male life expectancy at birth were recorded in the Epirus region in Greece, the Umbria region in central Italy, and the Balearic Islands in Spain (all 81.4).

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Source: Eurostat

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