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Affordable housing in Vietnam is close to extinction

  • 3
Not a single project with abbordable appartments were appeared on the market in 2020.

Top-10 Prestigious Places to Live in the USA

  • 7
Analysts have choses places from 30,000 cities, towns and villages

The Cost of Buying And Renting Realty in the EU Countries Has Changed Over 10 Years

  • 4
Rental prices in the EU rose in price by 14.9%, and selling proces - by 28.6% from 2010 to 2020.

The Rules of Buying Austrian Real Estate

  • 5
It is almost impossible to buy property in Austria without having a residence permit. The...

Authorities Can Limit Renting In the Center of Paris

  • 14
It is not enough for the locals

Alicante Reports: How the Most Popular Region of Spain Survived the Pandemic

  • 6
Bought less, spent more

Spanish Real Estate Facts That Can Surprise You

  • 6
Ne fonces and glazed balconies in here. But the locals have a weakness for elevators…

Cyprus Has Changed the Conditions for Obtaining Permanent Residence for Investment. There Are More Options Now

  • 9
The rules under which the government of Cyprus issues investors a permanent residence permit have...
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