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How to Get a Residence Permit in Germany: Two Proven Ways

  • 12
Germany does not provide programs for obtaining a residence permit via investment in real estate...

Residence Permit by Real Estate Purchase. 27 Countries

  • 599
Previosly, we discussed the rules of getting a residence permit in different countries. Some...

Residence Permit by Real Estate Purchase. Terms and Conditions

  • 13
Buying a property abroad and obtaining a residence permit is possible, but not in all popular...

Citizenship by Investment in Turkey

  • 12
In 2018, the investment threshold for buyers of real estate for the sake of the "golden passport"...

What to Check Before Moving Abroad as an Expat

  • 10
Are you sure you are ready to sit on the plane and start your new life? Check, if you truly are.

New Zealand Refuses a Residence Permit to Every Third Investor

  • 4
Applicants from South Africa and Malaysia were the least lucky.

Transparency International Calls on Cyprus to Stop the "Golden Passport" Program

  • 8
According to the organization, the government does not have enough incentives for effective reforms.

Second Passport. Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment

  • 11
The youngest program in the Caribbean.
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