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Where the Middle Class Lives in London

  • 13
London is one of the most popular destinations for foreigners looking for luxury homes and...

The Top-5 Countries with Cheap Real Estate by the Sea

  • 286
Greatest destinations with mild prices.

How to Get a Residence Permit in Germany: Two Proven Ways

  • 12
Germany does not provide programs for obtaining a residence permit via investment in real estate...

Property Taxes in Greece

  • 5
In Greece, the cost of real estate consists of several components. Besides obvious spendings such...

Calculation: How Much Does It Cost to Purchase and Maintain an Oceanfront Apartment in Portugal

  • 5
During the crisis year 2020 housing prices in the land of great sailors continued to rise. But...

Residence Permit by Real Estate Purchase. 27 Countries

  • 599
Previosly, we discussed the rules of getting a residence permit in different countries. Some...

Residence Permit by Real Estate Purchase. Terms and Conditions

  • 13
Buying a property abroad and obtaining a residence permit is possible, but not in all popular...

China Leases Out Hundreds of Desert Islands

  • 6
Such options are offered by the northeastern province of Liaoning.
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