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Residence permit and citizenship

Digital Nomads are Leaving Portugal En Masse

They were influenced by the decision of the authorities to cancel the golden visa program.

  • 23.03.2023
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  • 17.03.2023
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  • 02.03.2023
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Cyprus to Update Passports, Residence Permits and IDs

The authorities are already planning to announce a tender for international companies in the...

  • 28.02.2023
  • 5

Japan to Join the Global Race for Talent

The country will lower the standard for some foreign citizens wishing to obtain a residence permit.

  • 21.02.2023
  • 4

The Number of Expats Has Increased Dramatically in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom simplifies the visa regime and continues to attract foreign business.

  • 26.01.2023
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What Happened? Last Week News

Good news for remote workers, bad news for "golden passport" owners.

  • 30

How to Get a Residence Permit in Panama

A tiny country in Central America has a relatively stable economy,...

  • 12

Who Can Get a Residence Permit in Finland in Two Weeks

The Finnish authorities have announced that they will issue a...

  • 280

The Greek Program "Residence Permit for Digital Nomads" is Getting Popular

The schemes for obtaining a residence permit for financially...

  • 33

Albania to Issue a Residence Permit for Investments

Foreigners can now apply for residence in Albania by investing in the economy of the Balkan...

  • 12.01.2023
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  • 11.01.2023
  • 8
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  • 10.01.2023
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Canada Shows Record Numbers of Immigrants

Over 437,000 new permanent residents came to the country in 2022. This exceeded the authorities'...

  • 09.01.2023
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  • 04.01.2023
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Malta to Revise the Golden Visa Program

That is necessary to reflect the international changes taking place in the field of tax residency.

  • 26.10.2022
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