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How Are You, Spain? Smart Opportunities of the Market

  • 10
Spain as one of the most popular country among international real estate buyers in recent years...

Undervalued Markets. Real Estate Investment in the US

  • 8
America is interesting both for immigrants and investors. In Florida, for example, everyone knows...

The European Commission is Going to Bring a Lawsuit Against Malta Over the Investment Citizenship Program

  • 7
According to the European officials, the passport sale undermines the mutual trust between the...

Investments During Unstable Times. Numbers Mean More Than Locations

  • 6
How to invest in foreign real estate in the current situation? To buy or not to buy? Erik...

Cyprus Suspends the “Golden Passport” Program

  • 9
On Tuesday, October 13, the media once again reported that Cyprus canceled the program for...

Real Estate News Digest: Europe Struggles, Grenada Wins

  • 12
Growing rental prices in Berlin, the cheapest places for rent in Britain, growing real estate...

A Matter of Opinion. A Huge Demand for Country Houses in Germany: for How Long?

  • 6
A remote working format and a picturesque view from the window of a private house is a great idea...

Freehold, Leasehold, Usufruct. The Dictionary of Realty Buyers in the Emirates

  • 7
It is very easy to confuse new buyers of real estate in the UAE: a distant country, unusual rules...
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