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Investment and Finance

The influx of foreign students in Serbia has led to an increase in rental prices

Future students have already started booking apartments for October.

  • 19.07.2024
  • 2

Swiss Tenants Association proposes new rent controls

The question is whether this measures will turn out to be ”an “own goal” for tenants and make the...

  • 18.07.2024
  • 5
  • 16.07.2024
  • 3

How housing prices have changed in Croatia in the first quarter of 2024

It is interesting that the prices are rising faster not on the coast.

  • 15.07.2024
  • 7

The maximum limit for rent increases in Turkey has been revealed

According to the latest data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), the average inflation...

  • 10.07.2024
  • 5

Statistics on changes in housing Prices in the EU for the first quarter of 2024 have been published

In the first quarter of 2024, housing prices in the alliance countries have increased on average...

  • 09.07.2024
  • 5

Interesting to read

There are changes on the real estate market of Cyprus: Limassol and Paphos have mentioned less property transactions

International buyers are turning to new favorite locations.

  • 8

The prices are falling! Analysts have named the cheapest areas of Paris

By the end of February, real estate prices in Paris have decreased...

  • 7

Apartment Prices In Czechia began to decrease

Condos in new buildings in Prague remain the most popular type of...

  • 20

Property prices in cheaper areas of Dubai are on the rise

Villas have become especially expensive.

  • 8

The growth of housing prices in the UK is slowing down, but affordability remains an issue

Housing prices in the UK saw a slight increase in June, but the annual growth rate has slowed,...

  • 04.07.2024
  • 5
  • 03.07.2024
  • 41
  • 02.07.2024
  • 7

Short-term rentals in Greece: rapid growth and its impact

The supply of short-term rental housing is now greater than that of the hotel market.

  • 28.06.2024
  • 9

Short-term rentals Italy in 2024: what's new?

The authorities are implementing a complete database of temporary rental flats aimed at combating...

  • 27.06.2024
  • 8

Barcelona to ban short-term apartment rentals to tourists by 2028

Currently, the number of tourist apartment licenses issued by the city is 10,101. All of them...

  • 26.06.2024
  • 11
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