Citizenship by Investment

Immigration programs

Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program
Citizenship For 4 months
from 150 000 $
Malta Individual Investor Program
Citizenship For 15 months
from 700 000 €
Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program
Citizenship For 1 month
from 130 000 $
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment
Citizenship For 2 months
from 250 000 $
Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program
Citizenship For 24 months
from 512 000 €
Dominica Citizenship by Investment
Citizenship For 2 months
from 100 000 $
Egypt Citizenship by Investment
Citizenship For 6 months
from 250 000 $
Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program
Citizenship For 3 months
from 100 000 $
Turkey Citizenship by Investment - Real Estate
Citizenship For 3 months
from 400 000 $
Antigua and Barbuda
Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program
Citizenship For 3 months
from 100 000 $
Montenegro Сitizenship by Investment
Citizenship For 3 months
from 450 000 €

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What is "Immigration programs"?

Immigration offers lot's of new opportunities: visa-free travelling, living and working abroad, access to high quality of medicine and education, tax optimization, simplification of business environment. Just choose the best program for yourself.

An immigration programs is a way to obtain a long-term visa, residence permit or citizenship in another country. It is a conventional term, just like "golden visas”, “investment citizenship”,"residence permit for real estate". All of them mean the grounds for issuing a passport or residence card.

Some countries have government programs with an approved list of requirements for applicants and licensed agents. Others issue a residential status based on the provisions of various laws and acts that are not highlighted in a separate document.

Who Needs It

Immigration programs have begun to develop not that long ago. Today it is a huge industry involving dozens of countries, thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of people.

By using this tool countries encourage investment, support priority areas of the economy and attract new residents important for the development of the country. And program participants receive various bonuses that come with a residence permit or citizenship of a selected country. Not everyone plans to move for permanent residence, many are interested in the opportunity to get a second passport. And maybe, to become a "citizen of the world".

Who Offers Immigration Programs

Dozens of countries around the world attract investment and new residents through immigration programs. On you will find information about the most popular options. This section is updated regularly. Choose an interesting country and explore the opportunities there.

What Status Can I Get

Some countries immediately grant a citizenship, while others grant a temporary or permanent residence permit, which can be “converted” into a passport in some cases under particular curcamstances.

What Types of Programs Exist

They depend on the reasons for granting a status. The first type is investments based programs. You need to purchase securities, open bank accounts, contribut to public funds (including non-refundable ones) or companies. The second popular options is the real estate purchase, which has its own specifics. The third types is financial independence: the applicant must prove that they can provide for themselves.

There are also "non-investment" grounds for obtaining a residence permit or citizenship, it can be work, study or family reunification... But in such cases applicants usually do not have any benefits, they have to stand in a common queue and meet many requirements for language proficiency, integration and residency in the country. Immigration via investment helps to get the status much easier and faster.

What Expenses are Expected for Applicants

In many cases, there is a minimum threshold for investment and the price of real estate, the purchase of which opens the way to a residence permit or citizenship. This is the capital you need to have to participate in the program. This amount (or a part of it) can usually be returned after a while.

Applicants for "Golden visas” will also face additional cost, such as government fees, lawyers' fees, fees for security checks, property taxes… The page for each program shows an approximate calculation of future expenses. If you need a detailed analysis or have questions about the terms of the programs, please contact our immigration advisors.