Portugal is speeding up the immigration procedures

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The new Agency for Integration, Migration and Asylum, shortened to AIMA, has taken over the case.

What has happened

Portugal continues to remove the huge backlog of pending cases inherited from SEF, and the plans are very ambitious.

The background

In a significant move to rebuild Portugal's immigration control landscape, the government launched the new Immigration and Borders agency (AIMA) in October 2023. Оne of the key tasks of this authority is to finally complete the processing of the “stuck” 347 thousand immigration cases.

AIMA plans to consider them within 18 months, therefore, by approximately mid-2025, most of the long bureaucratic delays will be eliminated.

More details

  • AIMA intends to reduce the waiting time for applicants, including for Portugal Golden Visa and D2 Visa investors. (no specific details yet).
  • They promise to simplify the procedure for family reunification; Priority is given to children aged 5 to 10 years already living in the country.
  •  A digital portal for online residence permit applications is also expected to be launched soon.
  • Portugal is going to create of a permanent audit team for checking the applicants and specially focused on internal procedures and fraud prevention in order to enhance security measures in document verification. 

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Portugal is speeding up the immigration procedures

The new Agency for Integration, Migration and Asylum, shortened to AIMA, has taken over the case.

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