A Georgian Resort to Relax And Make Money on Real Estate

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Small resort towns in Georgia have their charm: they are cozy, quiet, and homely. Local real estate also has its advantages, including practical ones. Gonio offers you the best option for happy living.

About the resort

Gonio is a district in Adjara which includes three cozy and picturesque villages: Gonio, Kvariati and Sarpi. It is located on the Black Sea coast, near the border with Turkey. It is 15 kilometers away from the center of Batumi.

A resort town of Gonio in Georgia

The resort is young. In the Soviet years, it could only be accessed by passes due to the border control. In the late 90s, restrictions were lifted, Gonio began to develop and attract tourists.

Why falling in love with Gonio

The water off the coast in Gonio is transparent - the cleanest sea in Georgia. Even residents of Batumi come swimming here.

Magnificent landscapes. The mountains here come close to the coast (a rarity for Adjara!). You can observe the picturesque peaks from the sea and go to a restaurant on a hill to watch the sunset from a height.

The healing microclimate is again due to the proximity of the mountains with eucalyptus, tangerine and pine forests. Tourists say their allergy symptoms disappea in a couple of weeks of rest in Gonio.

A well–groomed kilometer-long beach is wide and relatively sparsely populated (compared to Batumi). Even in the hot season there is a place to stay comfortably. 

The proximity of Turkey – many people go there for shopping – and Batumi, the main resort of Georgia.

Gonio is a compact chamber resort, an ideal place to relax from the hustle and bustle. It is divided into two upper and lower parts.

At the top, on the green slopes of the mountains, there are private houses, guesthouses, small family hotels. In the lower part, along the beach, the tourist infrastructure is concentrated. Here, on the border of two villages – Gonio and Kvariati, the apart-hotel Gumbati Residence is being built, which we want to tell you about. 

About the complex

Gumbati Residence is a 12-storey apartment hotel in Gonio. It will be located on the first line with direct access to the beach.

Gumbati Residence

The project is from a well-known developer in Georgia, Gumbati Group (has been operating since 1998, has implemented ten development projects in Tbilisi, Batumi and Bakuriani, including the construction of Olympic sports complexes).

The company concentrates on piece-by-piece high-quality construction. And this project belongs to the luxury class. The foundation is planned to withstand an earthquake of 8 points.

The construction process 

Special attention is paid to architecture which is out of ordinary. A unique concept has been developed for the apart-hotel Gumbati Residence using modern materials – ventilated facades, vertical landscaping, original wooden pergolas and natural stone in the decoration.

Materials only from the best manufacturers. For example, panoramic windows from the French brand Saint-Gobain, who designed the famous glass pyramid of the Louvre. After the construction is completed, the complex will become the architectural dominant of Gonio.

The apart-hotel is small, with 103 apartments, but with a developed infrastructure.

What will be available to the comlex residents

  • Security
  • Two-storey parking
  • Casino and open-air cinema
  • Swimming pool and beach club
  • Panoramic cafe 
  • Outdoor restaurant
  • Fitness and Spa
  • 24-hour reception
The pool in Gumbati Residence
The panoramic restaurant
The cinema and casino for the guests of the apart-hotel

Here you can odserve the concept of a turnkey apartment: the property is sold with full renovation, finishing and appliances. Georgian designers have already thought out interiors for all apartments that meet the requirements for a five-star hotel.

An interior design example

About income

The uniform style of the apartments is important for working as an apartment hotel. Back in 2019, the developer created a management company that monitors other Gumbati Group complexes – attracts tourists, receives guests and pays income to property owners.

All owners get access to an electronic management system where they see information about visitors, lease terms, price and income. Of course, all apartments are insured.

Before the appearance of the coronavirus, the number of tourists in Georgia grew by 20% annually. In the first half of 2019 alone, more than 2.5 million people visited the country, half of whom preferred apartment-type housing.

The years 2020-2021 were exceptional due to lockdowns and other restrictions, but the first months of the 22nd showed that the situation with the tourist flow is improving. For example, 211,000 foreigners came to Georgia in March - 34% more than 2 years before.

How much you can earn on an apartment

Based on data from previous years, the developer has made an approximate calculation of payback. Here is how much you can earn on a 30-meter studio in the apart-hotel Gumbati Residence.

Month Occupancy Average rate Income per month
January 32% $35 $350
February 29% $35 $350
March 32% $40 $400
April 33% $40 $400
May 58% $50 $900
June 83% $60 $1500
July 87% $70 $2100
August 97% $70 $2100
September 67% $60 $1500
October 32% $50 $500
November 33% $35 $350
December 32% $35 $350


Investment – $55 620
Total income per year– $10 800
Net profit per year – $5 940
Annual price growth – 6%
Payback period – 8 years

And here is an example of calculation for 100-meter apartments. The payback period is a little longer, but the object is special (there are significantly fewer spacious apartments on the local market than studios, especially with such a view).

Month Occupancy Average rate Income per month
January 32% $80 $800
February 29% $80 $800
March 32% $85 $850
April 33% $85 $850
May 58% $90 $1620
June 83% $100 $2500
July 87% $120 $3600
August 97% $130 $3900
September 67% $100 $2500
October 32% $90 $700
November 33% $85 $850
December 32% $85 $850


Investment  – $135 135
Total income per year – $20 020
Net profit per year – $11 011
Annual price growth – 6%
Payback period – 9,5 years

The complex is actively growing. Commissioning is scheduled for 2023. At the same time, 57% of the apartments had been sold.

Before the constraction finishing, you can arrange an interest-free installment plan from the developer. Also, the partner bank can provide a loan for up to ten years.

For all the details and details, contact the developer directly – they will be happy to advise you.

№1 Sherif Khimshiashvili str. Batumi, Georgia



+955 555 100 100

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