France has introduced new comprehensive immigration law

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The overview of the main changes

The French government has published the text of the new immigration law on January 27, 2024

Let's have a look at the key changes

  1. A new type of residence permit for medical professionals has been introduced. It will be valid for 4 years, with the possibility of extension. The specialists of the following spheres are eligible to apply for the residents permit: doctors, dentists, pharmacists, obstetricians. There details on specific requirements for the applicants have not yet been announced.
  2. Renewal limits imposed on certain temporary residence permits. The change will affect foreigners who are in France under an open-term employment contract marked salarié (employee), as well as holders of certain family-based permits (not all of them, the details on the  specific categories are  not yet specified).  And It will no longer be possible to extend a temporary residence permit more than three times in a row (it is assumed that foreign nationals should be eligible for another, longer-term permit type (multi-year) before reaching the three renewal limitation..
  3. Introduction of French-language proficiency requirement for multi-year residence permit holders. The applicants for a multi-year residence permit must provide proof of their knowledge of French language as part of their application. The exception is made for “Talent Passport” and “ICT”.
  4. Undocumented foreign workers in talent shortage industries and areas will have the opportunity to be legalized for a year. To be eligible, applicants must have resided in France for three consecutive years and have been employed for at least 12 of the 24 months preceding the submission of the application.

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