The easiest сountries to get сitizenship in the EU have been revealed

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The study was conducted by the Canadian immigration agency CanadaCIS.

What has happened

The Canadian immigration agency CanadaCIS has carried out a study of EU countries in order to to determine the easiest ones to obtain citizenship. The experts have made the analysis by collecting data on immigration from 2009 to 2021.

The easiest countries for obtaining citizenship

Key findings show that Sweden is the easiest country for non-EU residents to obtain citizenship, with one in ten applicants receiving a passport (9.3%).  Sweden has the highest acceptance rates for both men and women. Women have an advantage, with an acceptance rate of 10.02% compared to 8.66% for men.

Following Sweden are the Netherlands, Portugal and Iceland, where where acquisition rates are are around 4%.

The most difficult countries to obtain citizenship

Estonia ranks first among the 10 countries that have the most difficulty in obtaining nationality.

It has the lowest average percentage of residents obtaining citizenship, approximately one in every 200 (0.6%). Men are less likely to be accepted, with a lower acceptance rate of 0.58% compared to 0.69% for women.

Latvia, the Czech Republic and Lithuania follow the list of the most difficult countries, where less than 1% of third-country residents obtain a passport, compared to the European average of 3.56%.

Austria, Liechtenstein and Slovakia rank fifth, sixth and seventh respectively, followed by Slovenia and Germany, which provide citizenship to less than 2% of third-country residents. Finally, Denmark has a citizenship rate of 2%.

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Source: Schengen Visa Info

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