Deloitte has presented the latest overview of European residential property markets

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The experts have named the most expensive and the most affordable countries and locations.

What has happened? The international consulting company Deloitte has published the latest report, the Property Index - Overview of European Residential Property Markets.

The most expensive countries for purchasing a property

Austria, Germany, France and Norway. Each square in a new building in these countries costs more than €4,000.

The most expensive cities for purchasing a property

Paris and Munich are the most expensive locations in Europe- here you will have to pay more than €10,000 per sq.m of real estate.

Price Growth Leaders

The highest annual growth rates in average transaction prices were recorded in Maribor (+38.2%; Slovenia), Sarajevo (+30.6%; Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Countries with the most affordable housing

Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the lead - a little more than €1,000 per square meter; prices on the secondary market will be even lower. You may observe relatively affordable prices for new housing in Greece, Romania and Portugal.

Cities with the most affordable housing

There is not a single European city among 76 cities in the survey with an average transaction price below 1,000 EUR/sqm. However, the lowest average transaction prices were recorded in Patra (1,056 EUR/sq.m;  Greece), Niš (1,270 EUR/sq.m; Serbia), and Novi Sad (1,540 EUR/sq.m; Serbia).

Locations that registered price declines

The average transaction price for a new dwelling fell in 3 cities from Denmark - Copenhagen (-10.7%), Odense (-9.5%), Aarhus (-8.6%).

Please pay attention! The analysts collected data only in large cities; the housing in the provinces is always cheaper.

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