EU countries will issue a single work and residence permit under simplified procedure. The date is already known

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The new directive will improve the protection of foreign workers against exploitation.

What has happened?

Under the new Single Permit Directive, which takes effect on May 20, European Union Member States will begin issuing residence and work permits to foreigners through a streamlined process.


We would like to remind you that foreign workers can now obtain a residence permit that also serves as a work permit.

The new directive ensures that foreign workers with the appropriate permit have the same rights as EU citizen workers.

Specifically, they will have equal access to rental housing.

All EU member states must implement the necessary changes to their national laws within two years.

In addition, the member states will have a limited ability to impose restrictive rules on the rights and working conditions of foreign workers. Moreover, they will have to ensure that foreign workers are treated equally as EU workers.

Source: Schengen News

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